Smart Contracts expertise — right way to success

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Why do you need an expertise?

Your smart contract is the key to the successful ICO campaign.

While you don't even know, but all big investment players check it before making the decision. Imagine the situation when you are affected by simply not following the general standards, a difference in the information in your smart contract and the website or unknown mistake. We'll help you to minimize those risks.

What We do:

Smart Contract Development

We'll tell you usual cases and brainstorm something new under request. More important we'll develop your smart contract in time.

Smart Contract Deployment

While usually underestimated, this task is not that easy. We'll be glad to do it for you with all needed wariness and care.

Smart Contract Audit

We'll audit your smart contract and check it for errors and risks.

How it works?




Pavel Shterlyaev


Worked in a number of IT companies in different roles: Huawei, Veeam Software, eKassir, Cloudberry Lab, SemRush for 12 years. Started the path as developer and engineer to product owner. Made technical sales on EMEA and other markets.


Valeriy Dubrava

Principal Ethereum Engineer

Experience in IT projects more than 10 years. Blockchain and smart contracts evangelist. The head of experts on the examination of smart contracts.


Alexey Udalov

Senior Ethereum Developer

Permanent member of the team for expertise, as well as the development and implementation of smart contracts for solving problems arising in the real sector.


Maxim Lebedev

Junior Ethereum Developer

Active participant of our team of experts. He was engaged in the development of smart contracts for various ICO start-ups.


Vasily Lifanovsky

Ethereum Developer

The inspiration behind the development of smart contracts that distribute crypto assets to the successors of the user.


Renat Gafarov

R&D specialist

Blockchain and smart contract expert.